Community Hubs are the result of the 3 stages of the project “People Places Partnerships”. These are places where young people transform their ideas into sustainable projects and services and strengthen the role of youth centres becoming multi-purpose centres.

In stage 1 (“People”), youth centres or youth clubs will be used as meeting places for young people to develop community maps and plans for change. In stage 2 (“Partnerships”), they will be used for meetings with stakeholders and developing partnership concepts for young people’s projects. Stage 3 (“Places”) foresees these places becoming Community Hubs – places for community services offered by young people, as well as places for exchange of the community, expert presentations, discussion events, time sharing markets, etc.

In stage 1-3, Hubs will be used as places for the local training and coaching programme to equip young people with skills needed for their projects. Also in stage 3, a sustainability plan for Community Hubs will be developed by young people together with the municipality and local supporters.
The goal of the project “People, Places, Partnerships (PPP): from youth initiatives to Community Hubs” is to set up, support and sustain youth-led Community Hubs in marginalised communities in eight European countries. Community Hubs are managed by young people and act as service and learning centres for other young people and members in their community. The exact form of local Community Hubs will be defined by local stakeholders, including young people, and take into account the local context .


Yepp Albenga – Italy



The Youth Centre of Albenga is one of the biggest of our district and offers lot of space for welcome young people in the 13-28 age range, with a particular attention to them who are in risk of social exclusion. Our Centre can develop projects in active citizenship, arts, and give a lot instruments to the youngsters to develop sense of identity and self-confidence. It also has room for other associations and groups. The Centre his run by young people who are aware of YEPP methodology themselves, with the collaboration of a big network of educational, administrative, and financial partners.

We offer a safe space in which young people can just be themselves, or participate in creative activities, associations can find room for their projects and citizens can rent spaces. We have a room for welcoming and spare time, a PC room, a recording studio and a room that can be used for conferences, projections of video, or big group activities.

Association for Better Life, Slovakia

SLO Our community Hub is represented by community center for a Better Life. It has many faces. At the beginning it was a baby – in our communities existed few active people , which operated without proper organization and only occasionally organized some activities. After that we went thanks to the PPP project into the teenage years – youth started to organize itself , made unofficial groups, got together with key players, started to plan more strategic and be active in the community development. They meet in three youth clubs , in rent spaces in the villages of Rankovce, Kecerovce and Vtackovce. In the end of project we believe that we are near to adulthood.  We have our own land ,  we made a community garden, we have a building project of community center, we started the process of requesting the building permit, process of registration from social service – community center at Kosice Autonomous Region and the formation proces of a project with aim on the construction of community center, which we will reach for at the Ministry of Home Affairs in Slovakia. thanks to PPP is our dream becoming reality . We hope that we will have a peaceful old age.

City of Solna, Sweden



Our community hub contains a youth office, an youth event agency, a youth jobmarket, networking opportunities with entrepreneurs and inclusion activities for different target groups. Everybody and anybody who has a project idea, or any other kind of idea, are welcome to the community hub. The methodology of PPP will be a useful tool to use when helping them.



El Kaliu Youth Centre, Lliçà de Vall, Spain

The project that hlogo-joventut-i-kaliuas been created in Lliçà de Vall from the PPP is the realization of a motor group where parents, mothers and adolescents work together to improve the relationship of these groups in the town and have them jointly develop a project with the that bring the interests of the two groups closer. In this way it is intended that everyone feel an active part of the town and that they can transform Lliçà de Vall according to their needs and interests and everyone is represented. The day that is held, aims to bring young people and families to the figures of educators and know that we are a facilitating tool. This day is formed by various spaces where each group expresses their needs, cooperative games are made between the collectives and musical and theatrical performances. All this is complemented by a day for educators in a formative way, where important people from the sector, both national and international, will participate to make their work and methodology known.

Association Romano Jasnica, Czech Republic


Our youth center in Trmice was a place where the community hub developed. This center and its activities are organized and prepared by youth workers. We have involved a group of young people in the PPP project, who have become active representatives of the Roma minority. Together with them, we have defined key needs and have begun to plan the next steps. In the PPP project, young people have carried out activities to show that they feel responsible for the locality and that they are active members not only of the Roma community but of the local community. Young people have the confidence to express their needs. A summer cinema and an advent concert was realized. Young people plan to build an outdoor wooden summerhouse and benches like an outdoor place where they can meet.


Yepp Loano – Italy


The Youth Centre of Loano welcomes young people from 12 to 25 and it is run by the association YEPP Loano. It is located in “Palazzo Kursaal”, next to the sea in the city centre. A management team is in charge of the Operational Plan, which is written every year with a Stakeholder Circle in which there are youngsters, educators and association who together manage different projects during the year. The main objective of the association is youth empowerment and active citizenship, which are pursued throughout the YEPP methodology. This is done with cultural activities that fulfil both the need for cultural opportunity and social moments. The space is made up by an office, two rehearsal rooms and a concert hall; two afternoons per week, the centre is open as a free space for the spare time of young people.