The project is piloted, implemented and evaluated by a consortium of 9 partners. We work with young people with fewer opportunities (15 to 29 y.o.) who experience socio-economic and geographical disadvantage. Our working areas include the Roma communities in Slovakia and Czech Republic; urban settings in Greece and Italy; outskirts of big cities in Spain and Sweden and the economically disadvantaged region in Romania. Comunita Impegno Servizio Volontariato (CISV) from Italy is the leading partner, whereas YEPP International Resource Centre from Germany takes the lead for the content of the project.

cisv-logoCISV (Comunità Impegno Servizio Volontariato), Italy


CISV is a non governmental organization recognized by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. CISV carries out projects in Africa and South America collaborating with local people to make them the real makers of their own development. Nowadays it acts in 12 countries and specifically in Africa (Benin, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Guinea, Mali, Niger and Senegal) and Latin and South America (Haiti, Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala and Venezuela). In order to promote food security, social justice and human rights, CISV supports farmers’ movements, local organizations and women’s associations and improves the changes of local culture and resources. In Italy it promotes people awareness about human rights, sustainable development and multiculturalism, particularly through educational programs of training and dialogue for students, teachers and citizens.

YEPP-IRC_logo_cmyk_20120719_ircYEPP International Resource Centre, Germany
YEPP International Resource Centre (YEPP IRC) works for youth and community empowerment in marginalized areas of Europe. We use innovative participatory methods in youth work and bridge them with entrepreneurial skill set. YEPP IRC coordinates the YEPP Community Network of 22 YEPP Local Sites reaching out to 93 communities in industrial urban and rural areas in 12 European countries. Our mission is to bring about sustainable change in communities with fewer opportunities by disseminating and implementing the “YEPP” approach and methodology across Europe and beyond in order to foster youth and community empowerment. YEPP IRC assists the YEPP Local Sites and YEPP Associates (Partners) with coaching and capacity building programmes in the field of youth and community empowerment, as well as on specific issues: participatory evaluation, media literacy, advocacy and (social) entrepreneurship. Apart from that, YEPP IRC is in charge of the expansion of the YEPP Community Network and the dissemination of the “YEPP” approach and methodology. YEPP IRC is hosted by the Institute for Community Education (ICE) of the International Academy Berlin (INA gGmbH), which is a non-profit organisation established in 1996 in Berlin, Germany.

yepp-italia-logo_smallYEPP Italia, Italy

The passion for our work and the conviction that Yepp is an effective method to help young people to take life into their hands and to have a voice in local communities, led the group of professionals who had experienced the Yepp method for 9 years found the association. Yepp Italy aims to expand and strengthen the network of Yepp sites in Italy; to provide training sites, support, methodological supervision; to promote the “knowledge” and know how” on youth empowerment issues and active participation of young people in community life; to develop links between the Italian and European network Yepp sites or other similar networks. They are members of Yepp Italy all those who have an active role in the network: operators, young people and adults involved in local groups. Operation of the association reflects the principles and values of Yepp: young people are at the core of decisions and are part of the Executive Council.

romano-jasniceAssociation Romano Jasnica, Czech Republic

Romano Jasnica association was founded on 1th of December 1998 as a non-profit organization. The activities of the association was launched in January 1999 in the town Trmice with projects focused on leisure activities character for children and youth, aimed at promoting Roma children and youth living in Trmice. Over time the organization Romano jasnica focused on formation and development other services in other locations. The organization in the locality Trmice has four establishments – the preschool center Šneček, two youth clubs for children and youth from 6 to 26 years who come from socially exluded localities, Counseling information center focused on providing free advice, information services etc. Nowadays Romano jasnica also cooperates in five other locations in the Usti region. The organization provides there social activation services for families with children. Since 2004 Romano jasnica holds the Multicoloured festival which is known as the largest Roma festival in Usti region.

hyp-logoHellenic Youth Participation, Greece

Hellenic Youth Participation (based in Athens, Greece) stands for intercultural dialogue, non-formal education, mutual understanding and solidarity. The main aim of the group is to inspire and stimulate European citizens to become active parts of their local and European community. We wish to motivate young people to become involved and to raise awareness about current values like equal opportunities, social inclusion and cultural diversity. Through our projects we aim at the promotion of non-formal differentiated learning and the importance of personal development. HYP is active on a local, national and European level.

ZpLZ logo.epsZdruženie Pre lepší život (Association for a Better Life), Slovakia

Association FOR BETTER LIFE (Združenie PRE LEPŠÍ ŽIVOT) was established in 2004 and its mission is to strengthen the development of Roma, marginalized communities in eastern Slovakia. Our work is based on complex, strategic and sustainable approach.

We mobilize local resources, create partnerships, empower community members to participate in development projects. We cooperate with municipalities, connect social and community workers, teachers, pastoral workers and various experts. Since 2010, we have been member of international network YEPP (Youth Empowerment Partnership Program). Its goal is to activate young people and Roma leaders, who take responsibility for the development of their communities.

solna_logo_s_rgbCulture and Leisure Deparment – City of Solna, Sweden

The City of Solna is a Swedish municipality with 80 000 inhabitants, just ten minutes underground trip to Stockholm’s city centre. The Culture and Leisure Department support young people active citizenship. PPP-project will be based at Solna Youth Centre, a municipal youth service addressed to young people (16-26 years old). The centre is a meeting point within a café environment for young people where they have the opportunity to socialize, use Internet, play video games, design and create art (picture, film, music, etc.). In short, find and develop their areas of interest and realize their ideas with the support of professional staff, with special focus on youth culture and youth participation. Our participants include young people with fewer opportunities: special needs, economic difficulties, early school-leavers, refugees, etc. Our focus is on their abilities, knowledges and development possibilities.

logo-joventut-i-kaliuEl Kaliu Youth Centre, Lliçà de Vall, Spain

El Kaliu Youth Centre is a municipality facility in Lliçà de Vall (Barcelona). It’s the culmination of six years’ hard work spent defining its purpose, constructing it, and equipping it with furniture and materials. This was achieved with the participation of young people and with the aim of promoting the consolidations of youth participation in Lliçà de Vall –an intrinsic element in local youth policy methodology. El Kaliu is designed to be a place where young people can meet and develop relationships, find information, advice and guidance to meet their needs and respond to their concerns, and allow them to develop personally and socially.

comunitara-bacauBacau Community Foundation, Romania

Bacau Community Foundation is a non-governmental institution that mobilizes resources and directs them to the needs identified in the community. We are legally constituted as a foundation with the mission to support the development of a geographical area defined by the statute. Principal means by which the foundation contributes to the development of an area are cultivating philanthropy and support local initiatives by providing financial support.
We finance ideas, projects, organizations and initiative groups that propose and provide solutions with impact to the local needs . We encourage leadership , performance, innovation and creativity and build dynamic fundraising mechanisms.
Bacau Community Fondation is independent and outside the direct or indirect control of individuals, organizations , institutions, companies or political party. We prove a broad understanding of social problems, needs and local opportunities and aim to create a positive and lasting impact through the roles performed: providing funding and community leadership . Our aim is to make people realize that they are part of the solution and to motivate them to come together and change what they feel that needs to be changed, to identify their resources and construct the future they think they deserve. Each of us have qualities that we can use , express and give to community. And every person can be a resource.