2P: Partnerships (Involve stakeholders in young people’s projects)

The best project ideas of young people get selected and are implemented. For these project ideas young people turn to the community in order to get necessary support for the implementation of the projects. Through community events such as presentations, donor circles or fundraising events young people’s ideas get visible and resources are secured by citizens and community stakeholders beyond the Local Stakeholder Circle.

Project ideas could be IT classes for elderly people, English classes for young people, consultancy for jobseekers, development of a community resource sharing platform, repair labs, self-defense course for women, small community businesses, etc. Some of the necessary resources for implementation could be financial, material, e.g. computers, rooms, etc. or human resources, e.g. volunteers ready to run IT or English classes.

The events are initiated by young people and supported by the Local Stakeholder Circle. Young people get trained in project and event management and fundraising.

Also in this case, young people will be enouraged to participate at the “PARTNERSHIPS CHALLENGE” in form of a video competition. The goal is to emphasise the Partnership aspect of youth-led community initiatives and the winners of this challenge will win the “PARTNERSHIP CHALLENGE AWARD”.