1P: People (Resource & Needs mapping and idea development)

When aiming at sustaining youth initiatives and structures it is important to first analyse the needs and local resources even before developing ideas which could improve the quality of lives of residents and young people. With the aim of bringing about social change, young people conduct an analysis of needs and wants in their communities and develop their project ideas. Their ideas should have a community impact and sustainability aspect in it. The ideas are discussed and supported by a Local Stakeholder Circle which is set up of active citizens, NGO representatives, local funders, municipalities an young people. The Local Stakeholder Circle is coordinated by a youth coach having links to both young people and adults. At this stage, young people’s capacities are built through international training in idea development and social entrepreneurial thinking.

In order to inspire, motivate and engage young people, the “PEOPLE CHALLENGE” in form of a video competition featuring ideas of youth-led community initiatives is also launched at the beginning of this phase. The winners of this challenge win the “PEOPLE CHALLENGE AWARD”.