3P: Places (Youth clubs become sustainable as Community Hubs)

Young people’s projects and most successful initiatives turn into services for the community which are needed and used by the residents. Community Hubs are set up by young people and used as places by all residents for regular exchange of needs, projects and further initiatives to foster community empowerment and prosperity.

Through a social entrepreneurial approach, the youth-led Community Hubs: 1) serve the community and 2) generate income and/or resources making the community-oriented projects or services sustainable.

Young people and youth coaches exchange with their peers in Europe via the European online platform and coordinated coaching events & webinars. They attend the final conference to present the results and discuss the lessons learnt. The focus of the conference would be on sustainability, and steps to go forward as well as sustainability tools would be presented and discussed.

Also in this case young people will be inspired and encouraged to participate at the “PLACES CHALLENGE” in form of a video competition. The winners of this challenge will win the “PLACES CHALLENGE AWARD”.

The exchange among young people and youth coaches of the international project partners of this project undergoing the similar process enriches individual experiences and serve as a motivator through the phases of the project.

The project sets out the goal to test and evaluate the youth-led Community Hub model at the local and transnational level by young people and community stakeholders as well as its transnational support measures. Upon the end of the project, youth-led Community Hub Model is tested and evaluated at local and transational level. The fine-tuned and made available for other communities by the Network of Active Communities across Europe.